Vintage Esterel Folding Caravan Camper restoration

About a month ago we found this early 80’s model Esterel Supermatic folding caravan.

Meet Marcie.

After some research, we found them pretty rare in the states so we decided to tackle a restoration. We have never restored a camper before and have no idea what we are getting into.

This may be an epic fail or a great learning experience. Either way, we hope this blog series will help and inspire others who are thinking of restoring their own camper and hopefully some of our ideas and mistakes will save you some time and frustration!

She had been sitting in the woods upright (unfolded) for many years, had a full cover of moss on the top, little trees growing inside the walls, and 2 flat tires with busted rims.

So we folded it down, wenched it on a trailer, and brought it home.

After a good pressure washing and some scrubbing the moss was gone!

Here are some pictures of the inside in all its original early 80’s glory.

Although she looks in good shape, she has A LOT of work to be done. Unfortunately, the previous owner stored her in the “up” position. This camper is designed to be stored folded down to avoid leaks. After further investigation, we know of 2 corners, and around 2 windows that will need to be completely redone due to water damage. The floor is in really good shape, however, the underbelly lining is deteriorating (from sitting in the woods so long) which allowed moisture in to the bottom layer of the floor. Although it is not rotted, it cracks like crazy when you walk on it so a whole new floor will need to be put in.

Wish us luck! And stay tuned!

Thanks for stopping by!

-Tracy Mae

Author: Tracy Mae

I am an avid DIY'er that loves to create stuff. Any stuff. Crochet. Woodworking. Sewing. Drawing. Painting. Repurposing. Remodeling. Photography. Anything that gets my creative juices flowing at the time, and you never know what I'll come up with next!

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