Hey Y’all! Welcome to the T2T First blog post!

This blog is going to to be all about living in a mobile homes.  Everything from the funny misconceptions to the perfect dream remodel.  

Do you have any funny stories, mobile home repair advice (like, what’s up with finding doors that actual fit without having to have a woodworking shop to make the ones at my local home improvement store fit?  And those God Aweful wall strips??), Pictures of remodeling your trailer to a treasure? 

 If so, please share!

This is funny but so true!
I am excited to finally have this blog up and running.  I am an avid DIY’er and have a lot of fun, orginal, easy, cheap things to share with y’all about making your trailer one to treasure!  

Thank you for visiting my first post!

You can also visit my Facebook page at: https://facebook.com/Atrailer2treasure/

~ Tracy Mae 🙂

Author: Tracy Mae

I am an avid DIY'er that loves to create stuff. Any stuff. Crochet. Woodworking. Sewing. Drawing. Painting. Repurposing. Remodeling. Photography. Anything that gets my creative juices flowing at the time, and you never know what I'll come up with next!

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